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9 Impactful Ways to Update Your Resume for 2020

August 26, 2020

update your resume

Resume trends come and go, and if you’re submitting old resumes during your 2020 job search, you could be hurting your chances of getting an interview.

Even if your work experience and skills have stayed the same, there are still ways to update your resume for the modern recruiting process and job landscape. Read on to discover nine impactful ways to update your resume.

1. Update your resume’s design

One of the most powerful ways to give your resume a modern lift is to update the design. Old templates tend to be clunky and poorly laid out. Today, there are thousands of free resume templates online. Find one that provides a pleasant reading experience, looks modern, and is compatible with applicant tracking systems.

2. Use a hybrid resume format

We now know that recruiters spend about 6-7 seconds glancing at resumes before deciding if the applicant is a potential fit. That means that in 2020, you need to get to the good stuff—primarily your abilities—quickly. A hybrid resume allows recruiters to see your skills at a glance and, in our opinion, is the best resume format for the modern day job search.

3. Add your remote work skills

Remote working skills became at once desirable in March of 2020, when COVID forced offices nationwide to close. Now that many employers are embracing remote work, it’s a good idea to include any work-from-home skills on your resume. Look closely at the job description to see if the company mentions any remote work collaboration tools like Google Docs, Asana, Trello, etc. Include these keywords on your resume where applicable.

4. Replace your objective statement with a resume summary

Many older resume templates prompt you to write an objective at the top of your resume. This was once a common practice, and if your resume is more than five years old, chances are good that you still have an objective statement lingering about. Try replacing it with an impactful summary statement. This is a brief overview of your top skills an experience that can quickly communicate to a recruiter who you are as an employee.

5. Add some action words

Is your resume engaging? Or is it a bore to read? Recruiters have heaps of resumes to read in 2020, and if you’re not using a compelling voice, you may not get more than the 6-7 seconds of their time. Energize your resume with action verbs like ideated, amplified, or spearheaded. Scan for passive voice and wherever possible replace it with active voice.

6. Start with a headline

We all know the importance of a compelling headline in 2020. How would you would describe yourself to a recruiter in fewer than ten words? A well-crafted resume headline will help you frame your resume and catch the eyes of busy recruiters.

7. Remove outdated phrases

It’s possible your resume could include outdated language that implies your industry knowledge is also a bit dusty. Look for anything that stands out and replace it with industry keywords, especially if they are listed in the job description.

If your resume includes the phrase “References available upon request,” delete that and replace it with keyword-rich text.

8. Add measurable results

Job searching is competitive in 2020. To give yourself an edge, go back through your resume and add measurable results to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Example –

Good: Grew traffic and improved conversion rate.

Better: Doubled organic sessions and improved conversion rate by 20 percent.

9. Optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems

Don’t get lost in the towering pile of resumes. Tailor your resume to the job description and ensure it’s formatted for easy parsing within an ATS.

Check to see how well optimized your resume is below.

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